Juliane Rönsch-Schulenburg

junior researcher
Geb 99/01.058

Tel +49-40-8998-6686
Fax +49-40-8994-5491


Juliane Rönsch-Schulenburg is a junior researcher in the LEXI cluster “Frontiers in Quantum Photon Science” and part of the research center "Center for Free Electron Laser Science" (CFEL). The focus of her work is the generation of short pulses of XUV-radiation. To achieve shorter radiation pulses. She will work on the creation of shorter electron bunches for the free electron laser FLASH.
She studied technical physics at the university of applied sciences in Berlin and performed her diploma thesis at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Brasil on "Optimierung eines PIXE-Systems mit Aussenstrahl zur Elementanalyse", where she received her diploma 2003. Juliane performed her PhD at PITZ on the topic "Investigations on the electron bunch distribution in the longitudinal phase space at a laser driven RF electron source for the European X-FEL" and recived her PhD in 2009.



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