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N. Delbos, C. Werle, I. Dornmair, T. Eichner, L. Hübner, S. Jalas, S. W. Jolly, M. Kirchen, V. Leroux, P. Messner, M. Schnepp, M. Trunk, P. A. Walker, P. Winkler, A. R. Maier, >LUX -- A Laser-Plasma Driven Undulator Beamline Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 2431–Published online: 25 May 2017

Daniel Marx, Ralph Assmann, Paolo Craievich, Ulrich Dorda, Alexej Grudiev, Barbara MarchettiLongitudinal phase space reconstruction simulation studies using a novel X-band transverse deflecting structure at the SINBAD facility at DESY Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research (online February 2018)

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