Wissenschaftliche Zeitschriften

M. Schulz, R. Riedel, A. Willner, S. Düsterer, M. J. Prandolini, J. Feldhaus, B. Faatz, J. Rossbach, M. Drescher, and F. Tavella
Pulsed operation of a high average power Yb:YAG thin-disk multipass amplifier
Optics Express 20, pp. 5038-5043 (2012)

S. Rimjaem, F.Stephan, M.Krasilnikov, M.Hänel, Y.Ivanisenko, J.Rönsch-Schulenburg, R. Spesyvtsev, L.Staykov, G.Vashchenko, T.Weiland et al.
Optimizations of transverse projected emittance at the photo-injector test facility at DESY, location Zeuthen
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 671 (2012) 62–75

C. Behrens, N. Gerasimova, Ch. Gerth, B. Schmidt, E.A. Schneidmiller, S. Serkez, S. Wesch, M.V. Yurkov
Constraints on photon pulse duration from longitudinal electron beam diagnostics at a soft X-ray free-electron laser
submitted to Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams on 20 Jan. 2012

C. Behrens, Z. Huang, and D. Xiang
Reversible electron beam heating for suppression of microbunching instabilities at free-electron lasers
Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 15, 022802 (2012) [10 pages]

P. Piot,C. Behrens, C. Gerth, M. Dohlus, F. Lemery, D. Mihalcea, P. Stoltz, and M. Vogt
Generation and Characterization of Electron Bunches with Ramped Current Profiles in a Dual-Frequency Superconducting Linear Accelerator
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 034801 (2012) [4 pages]


BIW12, 2012 Beam Instrumentation Workshop, Newport News, Virginia, USA, April 15-19:

S. Wesch, C. Behrens, E. Hass, B. Schmidt Fast Bunch Profile Monitoring with THz Spectroscopy of Coherent Radiation at FLASH.

IPAC12, International Particle Accelerator Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, May 20 - 25:

G. Kube, C. Behrens, C. Gerth, W. Lauth, B. Schmidt, M. Yan
Inorganic Scintillators for Particle Beam Profile Diagnostics of Highly Brilliant and Highly Energetic Electron Beams.

F. Lemery, C. Behrens, E. Elsen, K. Flöttmann, C. Gerth, G. Kube, D. Mihalcea, J. Osterhoff, P. Piot, B. Schmidt, P. Stoltz
Experimental Plans to Explore Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration in the THz Regime. (Poster)

C. Liebig, M. Hüning, M. Schmitz
A New Injection System for an Electron/Positron Linac

M. Mahgoub, J. Bähr, H.-J. Grabosch, M. Groß, L. Hakobyan, G. Klemz, G. Kourkafas, M. Krasilnikov, D. Malyutin, A. Oppelt, M. Otevřel, B. Petrosyan, K. Rosbach, F. Stephan, G. Vashchenko, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, M. Khojoyan, J. Li, B. Marchetti, D. Richter, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg
Longitudinal Phase Space Studies at the PITZ Facility

D. Malyutin, M. Krasilnikov, M. Otevřel, F. Stephan
Simulation of the Longitudinal Phase Space Measurement with Transverse Deflecting Structure at PITZ

M. Otevřel, A. Donat, H.-J. Grabosch, M. Groß, L. Hakobyan, H.M. Henschel, L. Jachmann, M. Khojoyan, G. Klemz, W. Köhler, G. Koss, G. Kourkafas, M. Krasilnikov, K. Kusoljariyakul, H. Leich, J. Li, M. Mahgoub, D. Malyutin, B. Marchetti, J. Meissner, A. Oppelt, M. Penno, B. Petrosyan, M. Pohl, S. Riemann, M. Sachwitz, B. Schöneich, J. Schultze, A. Shapovalov, F. Stephan, F. Tonisch, G. Vashchenko, L.V. Vu, T. Walter, S. Weisse, R.W. Wenndorff, M. Winde, G. Asova, N.I. Brusova, L.V. Kravchuk, V.V. Paramonov, A. Gonnin, M. Joré, B. Mercier, C. Prevost, A. Variola, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, D. Richter, S. Rimjaem, A.A. Zavadtsev, D.A. Zavadtsev
Diagnostics at PITZ 2.0 Beamline: Status and New Developments

M. Rehders, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg, J. Roßbach, T. Limberg, H. Schlarb, S. Schreiber
Investigations on the Optimum Accelerator Parameters for the Ultra-Short Bunch Operation of the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg (FLASH)

M. Titberidze, A.W. Hunt, D.P. Wells, Y. Kim
Design of an L-Band RF Photoinjector for the Idaho Accelerator Center 44 MeV Linac

M. Titberidze, K. Chouffani
Laser Compton Scattering X-rays as a Tool for K-edge Densitometry

ICAP2012, Warnemünde, Germany, August 19-24:

J. Li, G. Asova, M. Groß, L. Hakobyan, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, M. Khojoyan, G. Klemz, G. Kourkafas, M. Krasilnikov, K. Kusoljariyakul, M. Mahgoub, D. Malyutin, B. Marchetti, A. Oppelt, B. Petrosyan, S. Rimjaem, A. Shapovalov, F. Stephan, G. Vashchenko, G. Feng, D. Richter, L. Shang
Emission Studies of Photocathode RF Gun at PITZ

B. Marchetti, M. Krasilnikov, F. Stephan, M. Dohlus, Y.A. Kot, I. Zagorodnov, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg
Preliminary Study of Single Spike SASE FEL Operation at 0.26 Nanometers Wavelength for the European XFEL

FEL2012, NARA, Japan, August 26-31:

C. Lechner, A. Azima, J. Bödewadt, M. Drescher, E. Hass, U. Hipp, Th. Maltezopoulos, V. Miltchev, M. Rehders, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg, J. Roßbach, R. Tarkeshian, V. Wacker, M. Wieland, S. Khan, S. Ackermann, S. Bajt, H. Dachraoui, H. Delsim-Hashemi, S. Duesterer, B. Faatz, K. Honkavaara, T. Laarmann, M. Mittenzwey, H. Schlarb, S. Schreiber,
L. Schroedter, M. Tischer, F. Curbis, R. Ischebeck
First Direct Seeding at 38 nm
Slides: First Direct Seeding at 38 nm

S. Ackermann, B. Faatz, V. Miltchev, J. Roßbach
Optimization of HHG Seeding at FLASH II

S. Ackermann, V. Ayvazyan, W. Decking, B. Faatz, C. Gruen, E. Hass, K. Klose, F. Obier, S. Pfeiffer, M. Scholz, J. Wortmann
Simultaneous Operation of a Multi Beamline FEL Facility

K. Honkavaara, S. Ackermann, V. Ayvazyan, N. Baboi, V. Balandin, W. Decking, S. Düsterer, H.-J. Eckoldt, B. Faatz, M. Felber, J. Feldhaus, N. Golubeva, M. Körfer, M. Kuhlmann, T. Laarmann, A. Leuschner, L. Lilje, T. Limberg, N. Mildner, D. Nölle, F. Obier, A. Petrov, E. Plönjes, K. Rehlich, H. Remde, H. Schlarb, B. Schmidt, M. Schmitz, M. Scholz, S. Schreiber, H. Schulte-Schrepping, J. Spengler, M. Staack, N. Stojanovic, K. Tiedtke, M. Tischer, R. Treusch, M. Vogt, H.C. Weddig, T. Wohlenberg, M. Drescher, A. Hage, V. Miltchev, R. Riedel, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg, J. Roßbach, M. Schulz, A. Willner, F. Tavella
Status of the FLASH II Project

C. Maag, J. Zemella, J. Roßbach
Electron Optics and Magnetic Chicane for Matching an XFEL-Oscillator Cavity into a Beamline at the European XFEL Laboratory

K. Hacker, R. Molo, S. Khan, C. Behrens, H. Schlarb, P. Van der Meulen, P. Salen, J. Bödewadt, A. Azima, G. A. Hamberg, V. Ziemann
Progress Towards HGHG and EEHG at FLASH

C.B. Schroeder, C. Benedetti, E. Esarey, W.P. Leemans, J. van Tilborg, Y. Ding, Z. Huang, F.J. Grüner, A.R. Maier
Application of laser-plasma accelerator beams to Free-Electron Lasers

J. Zemella , J. Roßbach, C.P. Maag, H. Sinn, M. Tolkiehn
Numerical Simulations of an XFELO for the European XFEL driven by a Spent Beam

J. Rönsch-Schulenburg, E. Hass, A. Kuhl, T. Plath, M. Rehders, J. Roßbach, N. Baboi, M. K. Bock, M. Bousonville, C. Gerth, K. Klose,
T. Limberg, U. Mavric, H. Schlarb, B. Schmidt, S. Schreiber, B. Steffen, C. Sydlo, S. Wesch, S. Vilcins-Czvitkovits, A. Angelovski, R. Jakoby, A. Penirschke, T. Weiland, Sascha Schnepp
Generation of Ultra-short Electron Bunches at FLASH

M. Rehders, J. Roßbach, J. Rönsch-Schulenburg, H. Schlarb, S. Schreiber
Beam Dynamic Studies for the Generation of Short SASE Pulses at FLASH

V. Wacker, Y.T. Ding, J.C. Frisch, Z. Huang, C. Pellegrini, F. Zhou
Sub-femtosecond Hard X-Ray Pulse from Very Low Charge Beam at LCLS

M. Krasilnikov, H.-J. Grabosch, M. Groß, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, M. Khojoyan, G. Klemz, G. Kourkafas, M. Mahgoub, D. Malyutin, B. Marchetti, A. Oppelt, M. Otevřel, B. Petrosyan, A. Shapovalov, F. Stephan, G. Vashchenko, K. Kusoljariyakul, J. Li, D. Richter, S. Rimjaem, I. Will
PITZ Status, Recent Measurements and Tests

G. Vashchenko, M. Groß, L. Hakobyan, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, M. Krasilnikov, M. Mahgoub, D. Malyutin, A. Oppelt, M. Otevřel, B. Petrosyan, S. Rimjaem, A. Shapovalov, F. Stephan, G. Asova, M. Khojoyan, D. Richter
Optimization of the Transverse Projected Emittance of the Electron Beam at PITZ

M. Groß, H.-J. Grabosch, L. Hakobyan, I.I. Isaev, Ye. Ivanisenko, M. Khojoyan, G. Klemz, G. Kourkafas, M. Krasilnikov, K. Kusoljariyakul, J. Li, M. Mahgoub, D. Malyutin, B. Marchetti, A. Oppelt, M. Otevřel, B. Petrosyan, A. Shapovalov, F. Stephan, G. Vashchenko, D. Richter, H. Schlarb, S. Schreiber
Laser Pulse Train Management with an Acousto-optic Modulator


DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Göttingen, Germany, February 27 - March 2:

A. Langner, C. Behrens, C. Gerth, B. Schmidt, M. Yan
On the Online Monitor for Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurements at FLASH.

J.-P. Schwinkendorf, T. Kleinwächter, J. Osterhoff, M. Schnepp, L. Schaper, B. Schmidt
Sapphire Capillaries for Laser-Driven Wakefield Acceleration in Plasma - Fs-Micromachining and Characterization.

S. Wunderlich, M. C. Hoffmann, B. Schmidt, S. Schulz, S. Wesch, L. Wißmann
Characterization of Single-Cycle THz Pulses at the CTR Source at FLASH.

S. Schefer, S. Schulz
Laser-basierte Synchronisation mit Femtosekundenpräzision auf den Master-Laser-Oszillator von FLASH mittels balancierter optischer Kreuzkorrelation.

NIC Symposium 2012, Jülich, Germany, February 7-8:

T. Mehrling, R. A. Fonseca, J. Grebenyuk, J. L. Martins, J. Osterhoff, L. O. Silva, J. Vieira
Controlled Electron-Beam Injection into Plasma Waves for Tailored Betatron-Radiation Generation. (Poster)

Physicseminar at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, United Kingdom, March 30:

J. Osterhoff
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration with External Electron-Bunch Injection. (invited talk)

Labor-Reports und abgeschlossene Bachelor-, Master-, Diplom- und Doktorarbeiten

R. Tarkeshian
Femtosecond Resolved Diagnostics for Electron Beam and XUV Seed Temporal Overlap at sFLASH
Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2012-004, February 2012

Y. Ivanisenko
Investigation of Slice Emittance Using an Energy-chirped Electron Beam in a Dispersive Section for Photo Injector Characterization at PITZ
Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY Report: DESY-THESIS-2012-019, May 2012

S. Wunderlich
Electro-optic sampling of THz pulses at the CTR source at FLASH
Diplomarbeit, Universität Hamburg

D. Riebesehl
Research of the injection of synchrotron and laser light into an optical fiber for temporal overlap measurements in the seeding experiment at FLASH
Bachelorarbeit, Universität Hamburg

J. Widera
Closed-orbit analysis at Petra-III
Bachelorarbeit, Universität Hamburg

C. Behrens
Characterization and Control of Femtosecond Electron and X-Ray Beams at Free-Electron Lasers
Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2012-038, November 2012

L.-G. Wissmann
A Robust Fibre Laser System for Electro-Optic Electron Bunch Profile Measurements at FLASH
Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2012-023, August 2012

A. Hage
Development of an XUV Spectrometer for Diagnostics of High Harmonic Radiation Pulses Generated in a Gas Jet Array
Diplomarbeit, Universität Hamburg

M. K. Bock
Measuring the Electron Bunch Timing
with Femtosecond Resolution at FLASH

Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2013-008, 2012

Frank Mayet
Simulation and characterization of the RF system and global stability analysis at the REGAE linear electron accelerator
Masterarbeit, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2012-051, Oktober 2012

Stephan Wesch
Echtzeitbestimmung longitudinaler Elektronenstrahlparameter mittels absoluter Intensitäts- und Spektralmessung einzelner kohärenter THz Strahlungspulse
Dissertation, Universität Hamburg
DESY report: DESY-THESIS-2012-052, 2012


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