Refereed Journals

Florian Grüner, Florian Blumendorf, Oliver Schmutzler, Theresa Staufer, Michelle Bradbury, Ulrich Wiesner, Tanja Rosentreter, Gabriele Loers, David Lutz, Bernadette Richter, Markus Fischer, Florian Schulz, Swantje Steiner, Martin Warmer, Anja Burkhardt, Alke Meents, Matthew Kupinski, Christoph Hoeschen >Localising functionalised gold-nanoparticles in murine spinal cords by X-ray fluorescence imaging and background-reduction through spatial filtering for human-sized objects Scientific Reportsvolume 8, Article number: 16561 (2018)

V. Leroux, S. Jolly, M. Schnepp, T. Eichner, S. Jalas, M. Kirchen, P. Messner, C. Werle, P. Winkler, and A. Maier >Wavefront degradation of a 200 TW laser from heat-induced deformation of in-vacuum compressor gratings Optics Express Vol. 26, Issue 10, (2018)

N. Delbos, C. Werle, I. Dornmair, T. Eichner, L. Hübner, S. Jalas, S. W. Jolly, M. Kirchen, V. Leroux, P. Messner, M. Schnepp, M. Trunk, P. A. Walker, P. Winkler, A. R. Maier, >LUX -- A Laser-Plasma Driven Undulator Beamline Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 2431–Published online: 25 May 2017

Daniel Marx, Ralph Assmann, Paolo Craievich, Ulrich Dorda, Alexej Grudiev, Barbara MarchettiLongitudinal phase space reconstruction simulation studies using a novel X-band transverse deflecting structure at the SINBAD facility at DESY Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research (online February 2018)

Conference Contributions

Labor-Reports, Diploma Thesis and Doctoral Thesis

Christoph Maag (Corresponding author) ; Rossbach, J. (Thesis advisor)Röhlsberger, R. (Thesis advisor)Influence of Pulsed Heat Load on the Performance of Diamond Bragg Mirrors for an XFEL-Oscillator Dissertation, Universität Hamburg, August 2018



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