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Seminar zur Beschleunigerphysik

The "Seminar zur Beschleunigerphysik" takes place Fridays at 1pm in room 459 in building 30b (if no pandemia takes place). Otherwise we meet in the Cisco Meeting System.


Marc Wenskat
Telefon: +49 (0)40 8998 2032
E-Mail: Marc Wenskat

Upcoming talks in 2021:
06.08. Sumera Yamin Lockmann, Commissioning and optimization of focusing system of ARES

Past talks:
12.03. Fabian Pannek, First Divergence Studies of the FLASH1 beamline for FLASH2020+
30.04. Nils Lockmann, Noninvasive Measurements of Electron Bunch Current Profiles with Few-Femtosecond Resolution at MHz Repetition Rates
18.06. Christian Henkel, Multipacting Electron Guns
Cancelled Farzad Jafarinai, Studies on Experiments and Free-Electron laser concepts with a Transverse Gradient Undulator

10.01. Mathis Mewes, Electron beam characterisation based on seeded FEL properties
20.01. Vivien Sleziona, Commissioning and first test experiments with the self-seeding setup at SASE2 beamline at the European XFEL
29.05 Pau Gonzalez Caminal, Longitudinal phase space diagnostics for PWFA at FLASHForward.
05.06. Guilherme Dalla Lana Semione, Nb near-surface composition relevant for SRF cavities
12.06. Angel Ferran Pousa, Novel Concepts and Theoretical Studies for High-Quality Plasma-Based Accelerators
03.07. Andrea Bellandi, Active detuning compensation techniques in CW SRF linear accelerators
21.08. Farzad Jafarinia, TGU Experiment at SINBAD
18.09. Mathis Mewes, Electron beam characterization based on seeded FEL properties
02.10. Ricardo Monroy Villa , A quadrupole resonator for SRF R&D
16.10. Georgia Paraskaki, High-repetition-rate seeding with a Cavity-based FEL
30.10. Raffael Niemczyk, Slice emittance measurements at PITZ
06.11. Immo Bahns, Nondestructive Interaction of powerful Electromagnetic Fields with Bragg Reflectors
13.11. Patrick Rauer, Integration of an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator at the European XFEL
27.11. Natthawut Chaisueb, Numerical Simulation of a SuperradiantTHz FEL Source at the PITZ Facility
06.12. Georgi Georgiev, Methods for seeding of a THz FEL

11.01. Hauke Biss , Conceptual Design of a Chicane Upgrade for EEHG Seeding at sFLASH
18.01. Patrick Thiessen , tba
08.02. Severin Diederichs , Efficient and quality-preserving positron acceleration in PWFA
29.03. Martin Meisel, Active Plasma Lenses: Characterization and Application for a tunable Thomson Source
05.04. Simon Bohlen, LWFA and Thomson Scattering at FLASHForward
12.04. Sarah Schroeder, External injection at the plasma wakefield accelerator FLASHForward
03.05 Bridget Sheeran , The FLASHForward X-1 Experiment
07.06 Vanessa Grattoni, Seeding at FLASH
05.07 Marian Lückhof, Synchrotron Radiation at FCC-ee - Preliminary Considerations for a Collimation System
19.07 Luca Genovese, Photonic Bandgap Fiber Accelerator
02.08 Sonja Jaster-Merz, Magnet Characterization and Beam Profile Monitor Development for a
Spectrometer at the ARES Linac
13.09. Florian Christie, Generation of Ultra-Short Electron Bunches and FEL Pulses, and Characterization of Their Longitudinal Properties
27.09. Daniel Marx, Characterization of ultrashort bunches at the SINBAD-ARES linac
15.11. Christopher Bate, Cavity performance enhancement via new baking recipes
22.11. Max Kellermeier, Material characterization for Thz-driven accelerating structures

14.12. Marian Lueckhof , Synchrotron Radiation in the Machine Detector Interface of FCC-ee and SuperKEKB
07.12. Sebastian Pumpe , DUV Spatial Beam Shaping using Diffractive Elements for the European XFEL High Brightness Photoinjector
30.11. Nils Lockmann , Non-invasive THz Spectrometer for Bunch Length Characterization at European-XFEL
23.11. Theresa Staufer , A laser-wakefield Thomson X-Ray Source for X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging
09.11. Christian Henkel , Multipacting Electron Gun
16.11. Christopher Bate , Study of nitrogen-enriched niobium and its influence onto the performance of superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities
26.10. Andrea Bellandi , LLRF development for CW operations
19.10. Immo Bahns , Interaction of powerful electro-magnetic fields with Bragg reflectors
12.10. Sumera Yamin , Development of Alignment Procedure for the solenoids of ARES linac
05.10. Florian Christie , Temporal X-ray Reconstruction
28.09. Bosse Bein , 2nd sound as tool for quench detection
13.07. Thomas Heinemann , LWFA to PWFA
22.06. Frank Mayet , ACHIP
08.06. Ryan Stark , REGAE
18.05. Osip Lishilin , Study of self-modulation of an electron beam in plasma
04.05. Hauke Biss, Chicane Design Optimization for Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation at sFLASH
20.04. Raffael Niemczyk , Slice emittance measurements at PITZ
13.04. Farzad Jafarinia , TGU (Transverse Gradient Undulator)
16.02. Angel Ferran-Pousa , LWFA
26.01. Willi Kuropka , ACHIP experiments at SINBAD

15.12. Sonja Jaster-Merz , Anomaly Detection for beam loss maps in the CERN LHC
08.12. Maria Weikum , Generation and measurement of attosecond electron beams from laser wakefield acceleration
01.12. Chris Werle , Initial undulator radiation campaigns at LUX
10.11. Florian Burkart , Accelerator protection systems and Collimation
03.11. Jun Zhu , Design Study for Generating Sub-femtosecond to Femtosecond Electron Bunches for Advanced Accelerator Development at SINBAD
27.10. Max Hachmann , High precision transverse emittance measurement for novel plasma accelerators at the REGAE Linac
20.10. Daniel Marx , X-band Transverse Deflecting Structure (TDS)
13.10. Philipp Amstutz , Development of an efficient Vlasov code for the investigation of collective effects in FEL-like beamlines
Summer break
11.08 Philipp Amstutz , Simulations of LSC-driven microbunching in FELs
14.07. Prach Boonpornprasert , Studies of tunable IR/THz source based on PITZ (-like) accelerator
30.06. Thomas Heinemann , Plasma based laser-particle beam synchronization measurements
09.06. Igor Isaev , Beam asymmetry studies at PITZ
02.06. James Good , 3D ellipsoidal laser shaping
05.05. Pardis Niknejadi , Electrodynamics of relativistic electron beam x-ray sources
28.04. Irene Dornmair , Advanced Beam Dynamics and Diagnostics Concepts for Laser-Plasma Accelerators
17.03. Frank Mayet , Introduction to the Accelerator on a Chip International Program and future Dielectric Laser Accelerator experiments @ SINBAD
24.02. Oliver Stein , Ultra fast beam losses at the LHC and their detection by using diamond based BLMs
10.02. Gregor Loisch , Measurement of High Transformer Ratio Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
20.01. Wolfgang Hillert , Aluminium-based Normal conducting Extreme-field Accelerating Structure
13.01. Everybody , Get-together with Prof. Wolfgang Hillert

16.12. Angel Ferran Pousa , Plasma Acceleration in EuPRAXIA: First Studies and a New Data Visualization Tool
09.12. Christoph Maag , Thermal Characterization of the Diamond Mirrors for an X-ray Free Electron Laser Oscillator
23.09. Benno Zeitler , Phase space linearization & external injecton into laser-driven plasma wakefield at REGAE
02.09. Violetta Wacker, Control of energy chirp in beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators towards plasma driven free-electron lasers
12.08. Tim Plath, HGHG Seeding at FLASH
29.07. Igor Isaev, Conditioning of RF photoelectron guns at PITZ
22.07. Steffen Wunderlich, A Double-Prism Spectrometer for the Longitudinal Diagnosis of Femtosecond Electron Bunches with Mid-Infrared Transition Radiation
08.07. Osip Lishilin, Status of PWFA experiment at PITZ
24.06. Gregor Loisch, Preparations for High Transformer Ratio Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at PITZ
17.06. Maria Kuhn, Transverse emittance measurement and preservation at the LHC
10.06. Jan-Hendrik Erbe, Active Plasma Lens Characterisation at MaMi
27.05. Prach Boonpornprasert, Investigations on the Capabilities of THz Production at the PITZ Facility
06.05 Jun Zhu, Femtosecond to Sub-femtosecond Electron Bunches Generation at the SINBAD- ARES Linac
22.04. Gabriele Tauscher, Experimental & theoretical studies on ionisation properties for plasma accelerators
01.04 Alexander Aschikhin, Emittance conservation through beam matching in PWFA external injection scenarios
18.03. Moein Fakhari, Design of RF cavities and THz electron injectors for advanced applications
26.02. Thorsten Hellert,
12.02. Spencer Jolly, Update on LUX laser beamline commissioning
29.01. Max Trunk, Construction of the BEAST II undulator

14.08. Maria Kuhn, Emittance Measurement Challenges in the LHC in 2015
26.06. Florian Mueller, Compensation of Steerer Crosstalk between FLASH1 and FLASH2
22.05. Max Wenck, Vibration Measurements @ XFEL Module XM-2
13.05. Philipp Armstutz, Correction of beam optics distortions using the implicit function theorem
24.04. Martin Stieben, Introduction to AuNP X-Ray Fluorescence Medical Imaging
10.04. Moein Fakhari, Design of a normal conducting cavity for arrival time stabilization
27.03. Georgios Kourkafas, Space-charge matching and tomography of transverse phase space at PITZ
20.03. Irene Dornmair, Plasma enabled ultra-short bunch diagnostics
06.03. Philipp Armstrutz, Optics compensation for variable-gap undulator systems at FLASH
27.02. Tim Plath, Seeding at FLASH
13.02. Violetta Wacker, Plasma Based Energy Chirp Compensation for Electron Beams
30.01. Manuel Kirchen, PIC simulations for LWFA
16.01. Benno Zeitler, External Injection Project at REGAE

19.12. Spencer Jolly, Two Color Laser Plasma Interaction
05.12. Paul Winkler, Beam Optics @ LUX
21.11. Maria Kuhn, Coping with Emittance Measurement Challenges in the LHC in 2015
14.11. 1. Soeren Jalas, Numerical studies of density downramp injection in Laser Plasma Accelerators
         2. Arne Mueller, PIC simulations on adiabatic matching in laser plasma accelerators
17.10. Clemens Liebig, Design and Construction of an Injector for an Electron/Positron Linac Optimized for Positron Yield and Minimal Particle Loss
06.06. Lars Goldberg, Capillary Discharge Waveguides for Laser Wakefield Acceleration
16.05. Maria Kuhn, LHC
09.05. Minji Yan, Transverse Deflecting Cavity
25.04. Steffen Wunderlich, A double-prism spectrometer for longitudinal electron bunch diagnostics with mid-infrared transition radiation
11.04. Carlos Entrena
07.03. Shima Bayesteh
21.03. Daniel Riebesehl, SALOME: An accelerator for the practical university course in accelerator physics
28.03. Nils Lockmann

20.12.2013, Tim Plath, "Short pulse photo injector laser at FLASH"
13.12.2013, Violetta Wacker , single spike operation at LCLS
22.11.2013, Maria Kuhn , LHC emittance
08.11.2013, Christoph Lechner , seeded FELs
25.10.2013, Mikheil Titberidze
11.10.2013, Timon Mehrling , “The Quasi-static Particle-in-cell Code HiPACE”↵
27.09.2013, Florian Müller , "Optimization of LOLA Measurements for the Operation of FLASH at low Charges"↵
13.09.2013, Sven Ackermann , "Estimation of M squared values from single transverse intensity profiles"
30.08.2013, Marie Rehders , "Beam dynamics simulations for single spike operation at FLASH"
05.04.2013, Maria Kuhn , LHC
31.05.2013 Tim Plath ,Commissioning and Characterisation of the Photo-Injector Laser for Single-Spike Operation at FLASH
17.05.2013 Roman Martin ,Characterization of the transverse profile of the PITZ photocathode laser
21.03.2013, Max Wiedorn ,Investigation of Harmonic Source Size and Divergence for FLASH2 Seeding
22.02.2013, Oliver Stein ,Design and Construction of SALOME
08.02.2013, Clemens Liebig ,The new injection system for Linac II
25.01.2013, Christoph Maag ,Studies on an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator


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